About Us

Committed to our clients, dedicated to safety.

PatrolLIVE is the nation's premiere mobile guard tour solution for guarding and patrol security companies. With clients in 45 states and 6 international countries, PatrolLIVE continues to grow as a company and enhance their services in the ever expanding world of online security.

PatrolLIVE strives to provide world class customer service, as we recognize the true value of our product, you, the clients.  With the most intuitive mobile solution, our goal is to work with our value customers on making PatrolLIVE the all-in-one guarding solution for your security needs.

In 2014, we joined Community Investors, Inc. family and with their suite of security, builder, and HOA products we offer a wide range of solutions to variety of markets.  With a strong, dedicated team, and a commitment to data-driven decisions, we are creating not only new but the right solutions for the ever changing demands.

Responsive Customer Service

With round-the-clock support, any questions or issues you face will be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Frequent App Updates

Our mobile patrol app is updated as frequently as possible to assure that our customers have a seamless experience.

Latest technology

We are constantly monitoring changes in the hardware and software our clients use to make sure that we are providing the best technology possible.

Most intuitive product on the market

With easy training and simple setup, you will see that our clients’ user experience is our top priority.